Annu Kilpeläinen (FIN)

The work of Finnish born illustrator Annu Kilpelainen will inject a little brightness back into your life, with its tropical feel and vibrant hues. Graduating from the London College of Communication in 2010, she has carved for herself a niche of deliciously rich colour. If you are searching for something to distract you from the weather today – something bright and fun and summery to get you to pick up that umbrella and get on the bus home – then these blocks of pink, green and thick, thick yellow will be the thing to do it.

Her style embraces decorative hypnotic poetry of repetitions, pop art kind of generalisation of form, and utmost intensity of the colour palette. The provocative juxtaposition of colours creates space in the two-dimensional surface. Repetitions and decorations generate fiercely joyful stories, evolving from the realm of folk art. A closer inspection reveals that the humorous revel is far from being unambiguous …

Her clients include Guardian, Red Bull Music Academy, Cicada Books and Penguin Books.