Anu Samarüütel (EST)

Anu Samarüütel has graduated from the fashion design department of the Estonian Academy of Arts and acquired MA in fashion from London Central Saint Martins College.

Samarüütel’s works generally carry an optimistic feel and feature elegant geometric figures. Her style is influenced by the fashion illustrations of the 50–60s, characterised by carefree and easy-going bustle under the smiling sun. Her works from the past few years reveal a more expressionist approach, with placid scenes taking stronger geometric forms and shining in primary colours, the brush stroke being ever more dynamic and powerful. There is a sense of dialogue with Russian
20th century constructivists and European cubists as well as allusions to Picasso, Léger and Matisse. Sharpness, strength and a certain degree of aggressive provocativeness blended with life’s hectic and unpredictable nature. In her fashion illustrations she prefers gouache and acrylic colours, lately also experimenting with different techniques and textures.

Apart from illustrations and painting, she desigs jewellery and creates fashion. She has illustrated books and a number of Estonian periodicals, including “Marie Claire” and “Eesti Ekspress” and she also works with corporate clients, such as LHV Pank. Her works can be found at Debut Contemporary Gallery in London and she has participated in various exhibitions in England.