Esra Røise (NOR)

Esra Røise has been drawing since she was little, and has two years of formal training at the Einar Granum School of Art, and a BA in Visual Communication from the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, Norway.

Røise is inspired by seemingly small unimportant everyday situations, and snapshot photography with its impulsiveness, bad cropping and weird angles. She is fascinated by people around her, the fashion industry, music, awkward moments and imperfections, drawing inspiration mainly from the fashion world, music and popular culture.

Røise has always loved the preciseness of the pencil and the unpredictability and possibilities of watercolor and ink. She enjoys the juxtaposition of different mediums, particularly the analogue and digital combined, and most of her elegant and playful works are a combination of the two.

She draws stories about the woman. Fashion. Things outside fashion. Outside the man. The woman’s story, her own. Abstract colours covering the view, merging into background and breaking out again, establishing a parallel universe, poetic and painful. Creating a flickering space in the black and white two-dimensional graphic world. Enticing, inescapable and insidious.

Her works can be seen worldwide, and selected clients include Vogue (China), Nylon magazine, Wallpaper*,
Estée Lauder, Vice magazine, Levi’s, Costume, GQ, Volkswagen, Russh, Nike, and Miss Selfridge to name
a few.