Hans Christian Øren (NOR)


After completing his studies in Oslo and London in Saint Martins in visual communication, Øren started up Oh Yeah Studio in 2008 as a hobby project. He has worked in a variety of fields, including motion design, illustration, web design and graphic design.

Surrealism, abstract shapes, analogue and digital drawing are predominant in his work, often beginning with the idea in mind of how surrealism and dreams can communicate with viewers and their unconsciousness.

Oh Yeah Studio follows an ideology of how minimal use of elements and colours can emphasise the elements
actually used, utilising a simplistic palette of colours and elements to communicate a particular expression.

Oh Yeah Studio aims to create visuals that give more than just basic communication. Oh Yeah Studio wants you to forge an emotional connection to relate to the message on a deeper level.

Biggest clients include Nike, ESPN, EMI, Burton, Adidas to name a few.