Jarno Kettunen (FIN)


Jarno Kettunen is a Finnish artist, fashion illustrator, and designer using hand-made techniques from fine arts to create expressive and elegant looking artwork for a wide range of fashion, art and popular culture projects.

He is recognized for his ability to quickly capture the essence of moments and personalities into expressive drawings that evoke feelings of elegance, mystery and glamour.

Kettunen’s art fascinates with catching the moment. Photo-like images. Using the brush as camera lens. Carelessness and finiteness. Knowing that the next frame could be as perfect, even if random.

Kettunen became a sought after artist for special events and shows. He has portrayed clients at Jeffrey Atlanta fashion store during the holiday season and drawn the models at the backstage of the hottest international fashion shows, such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior homme and Diane von Furstenberg.

Kettunen’s work is featured in magazines and books including Nylon, L’Officiel Maroc, Elle Belgium, Modern Weekly, Quotation, Nomenus Quarterly, The New Age of Feminine Drawing and American Illustration 31 and online, such as Style.com, Drawn and A Shaded View on Fashion by Diane Pernet.

His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries, including MoMu in Antwerp, Fashion Space Gallery in London and Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles.