Laura Laine (FIN)

Laura Laine is a fashion illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. She has studied fashion design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, with a focus on fashion illustration. After graduating she has been working as a freelance fashion illustrator and artist.

Her predominantly black and white illustrations are hauntingly beautiful and delicate, but they sometimes have a rather dark or even eccentric, burtonesque feel to them. One of the main characteristics of her drawings is the incredibly fine and detailed line work, which manages to suggest a great variety of textures (fur, silk, wool, leather etc.). Further, there is a certain motion quality to her illustrations which is conveyed by the gracefully twisted body postures and the splendidly flowing long hair of her characters. (Jellyfish)

She has taken the line and form to neurotic pliability. Graceful postures and fetishist massive hair give her pictures certain fragility that is close to the breaking point. And a dark perspective. Human bodies and hair formulating quaint hieroglyphs.

The ambience of her pictures resembles a dreamy symbolic performance in the sunken Atlantis, where the carnal and graceful characters have drifted into reminiscence, and sensuality into a mere form. With no moral presented in the final act.

Laine’s uncompromised drawing skill is almost religious and awe-inspiring – her intricately elaborated surfaces seem as if independently existing mythological stories.

Her clients include Vogue Nippon, GAP, Elle, Zara, Telegraph, The New York Times, T magazine, Muse magazine, The Guardian, Vogue Germany, Westfield London, GPO Melbourne, Givenchy, SHOWstudio, Pantene and Daniel Palillo. Her works have been exhibited in USA (San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles),
the Netherlands, UK and Finland.