Marju Tammik (EST)

Marju Tammik has graduated from the fashion design department of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Since then she has been working as a fashion designer and stylist, and currently focuses on fashion illustration, which she also teaches at the art academy.

She likes to draw mostly with ink, which she combines with acrylic and water colours as well as collage. Her approach to illustrating is intuitive and immediate, aspiring to capture in the moment inspiration, vision and the pleasure of drawing. Regardless of the resulting energetic and precise line work, her works leave the impression of being born out of white uncovered surfaces, where the said and the unsaid form a synergetic whole, just like a Japanese haiku.

Tammik: “Black and white are the basics. Black ink and white paper. And a touch of colour. My works are born within a second but getting to this second takes
a lot of time, loads of paper and litres of black ink. I am inspired by graffiti on one hand and Japanese bokusho, a form of modern calligraphy, on the other hand. I also draw inspiration from contemporary art, graphic design and photography. One more thing: I always start drawing from the eyes.”