Mia Marie Overgaard (DEN)


A graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design and several private art schools, Overgaard has studied art, illustration and fashion design. For the past few years, her work has revolved mostly around commercial and fashion illustration.

The base of most of her illustration work is created with a pencil and then coloured afterwards. Oftentimes the drawings are scanned and then reworked and coloured digitally by adding layers in Photoshop.

Identity and femininity is an ongoing theme in most her personal work. She creates realistic yet surreal,
detailed illustrations of people and animals living in a dream-like universe. Whimsical and delicate illustrations which also reflects her own dreamy nature.

Her clients include Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph, Volkswagen, Neiman Marcus, Gap, ASOS.com, Taschen, Marie Claire and Orion Books.

Her work has been shown at galleries in London, Paris and Tokyo.