Natalie Foss (NOR)

Natalie Foss is an illustrator working in different fields, primarily with coloured pencils. She has studied illustration in London and participated at a number of exhibitions there.

Bold colours, portraits and emotions are her main focus. “I usually find inspiration in people, music, animals, subcultures, feelings, fashion, thoughts and a good cup of coffee. I love colours, faces and quirky things, and enjoy experimenting,” says Foss.

In her illustrations Foss creates her own personal iconography on the centre line of two- and three-dimensional space. Her saints appear in the shadow area of pastel shades, golden colour diffracting into lemon yellow. Body postures contribute to the intensity and eternity of looks – in the Church of Pop Art.

Her clients include So So Happy brand, indie pop band Lucius and the norwegian feminist magazine Fett.