Riikka Sormunen (FIN)


Riikka Sormunen is a Finnish artist and freelance illustrator. After briefly studying fashion design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki she decided to drop out of school to concentrate on teaching herself how to draw and use colour. A heavy emphasis on fashion and pattern design is still present in her images but she prefers to work with watercolour instead of fabric.

Besides fashion Sormunen draws inspiration from Japanese wood cuts, middle eastern patterns, nature, architecture, literature, music and dreams.

Her works bear certain resemblance to Henry Matisse’s static still lives, the composition rules of classical Japanese prints, William Morris’s and Josef Frank’s ornaments, the line work of the fifties, and the choice of subject matter of the sixties and seventies. All this blends into a feminine, decorative yet devastating
everyday routine – somewhere in the next room to
Virginia Woolf.

Her clients include The New York Times, Guardian,
Random House, Urban Outfitters, Refinery 29 and many more. “Big Mother vol 3”, the first monograph of Sormunen’s work, was published by Nobrow Press in 2012.