Sara Andreasson (SWE)

Sara Andreasson is a designer hailing from Wermland in Sweden who has seemingly made a conscious decision not to specialise in any one area. Equally adept at fashioning furniture from extraordinary materials as she is at illustrating exuberant images of altered classical sculptures and abstract digital images, it would be fair to say that her portfolio is a mixed bag of projects. But the consistent element at the heart of all of them is her attention to detail. Whether sketching portraits in soft graphite or taking still-life photographs of taxidermy birds, she is certain to craft each piece with care, displaying the talents of an expert despite clearly being a jack of all trades.

Andreasson’s two-dimensional graphic art almost paradoxically combines Ancient Greek vase paintings with Matisse and pop art by depicting eternal myths with modern line work and colour. This peculiar melting pot shows her unique skill to create clearly composed surfaces and stories. Even in fashion illustrations that are of more temporal nature.

Her clients include The New York Times , Lacoste, Rolling Stone, Refinery 29, Mosaic Science, Metropolis Magazine, LOBBY Magazine and many otheres.